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Bless You Boys Podcast 5 - 4th outfielders and utility men

It's the 5th Bless You Boys Podcast! This week's roundtable includes editors Al Beaton, Kurt Mensching, Matt Watson, Allison Hagen and David Tokarz (who is near death, if you go by his cough), who discuss the past week of Detroit Tigers baseball.

Topics covered in episode five include:

  • The editors (minus Kurt, who HATES draft talk) discuss the MLB draft, and the Tigers' top pick James McCann, a catcher out of the University of Arkansas.
  • Are there other draft picks fans should keep an eye on? (Kurt is still recused at this point, hanging out on Twitter)
  • Brennan Boesch is smoking hot, and Andy Dirks and Casper Wells aren't playing too badly either! (Kurt's back!)
  • Magglio Ordonez elects to stay in Toledo for a few more days, but who will go down when he does return to Detroit?
  • Brandon Inge has the kissing disease. Don Kelly and Danny Worth don't. 3rd base improves.
  • The Tigers are out of compliance with MLB rules regarding debt limits, should fans (and Mike Ilitch's kids) be worried?

As has quickly become our standard practice, the editors also answer several listener questions, along with telling you why that 13194013 guy so awesome. Remember, if you would like to have your question on next week's podcast, please email us at BYBPodcast at

Final thoughts: David wants the Tigers to think outside the box, Matt despises all things Cleveland, Allison is bummed she's not at the Rangers - Tigers game, Kurt fills in the blanks, and Al tells Gene Lamont to "Stop it! Just stop it!"

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