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Confidence rebounds as Tigers move back into first

July 11th Confidence Poll
July 11th Confidence Poll

We saw the confidence poll take quite a dip last week after Detroit's pitchers threw bullpen sessions to the Giants and Mets during interleague play and fell a game and a half out of first place. Thanks to some help from the Blue Jays and good ol' American League food, Detroit's back in first at the All-Star Break. Fan-voting averaged 67.7, a jump of nearly 10 points since last week. The poll reflects the fans are feeling a bit better, but not quite as happy as they were earlier in the season.

You'll note it also reflects a few real quick changes to the look of the poll. I'm (obviously) far from an Excel chart-making wizard, but I thought I could at least make it a bit more legible. Since the Tigers will never have a winning percentage below 300 or above 700, I zoomed in a bit. Now you can really see how early winning or losing streaks had an effect on how people voted.

Here's a link to the week's vote.