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Confidence rebounds as Tigers get back to winning

Week of July 22 confidence
Week of July 22 confidence

Better late than never, right? Not just the Twins' guiding philosophy to the season, it's a good rule to live by as a blogger I think. So here's this week's confidence poll, a day late. As the Tigers hem and haw and blow leads to the A's when the reliever walks the bases loaded, fans seem to be a bit reticent to fully buy into the team. But the average vote of just over 70 shows most Bless You Boys voters feel like the Tigers will be in the division hunt until the end. The team has gone 6-4 in the past 10 games, and has now won 3 out of the last 4, so that probably helps.

It will be interesting to see if the addition of Wilson Betemit gives voters more or less confidence next week, but I suppose the results of the Twins series will do more to shift people's view. But the good news is, the Tigers finally found a way to win the first game of a series. I'm as shocked as you are, I'm sure.