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Detroit Tigers Rumors: Hiroki Kuroda, Jeremy Guthrie, Carlos Beltran, James Shields updates

A lot of rumors regarding possible Tigers trade targets came out over the weekend. So here's a roundup of all the information you need to know.

Tigers hot on Hiroki Kuroda

Yahoo! Sports' Jeff Passan spoke to a scout who believes the Tigers are the favorite to win the Dodgers' Hiroki Kuroda sweepstakes. Even better news, it might not be as prospect-costly of a trade as it might seem. The scout said it might not take Jacob Turner (duh, wouldn't happen), Nick Castellanos (wouldn't happen) or Andy Oliver (Tigers might be willing to do that.)

Of course, keep in mind that we have absolutely no idea who the scout is or what his track record is on such things. He could be the MLive troll of scouts, wrong about everything, for all we know.

As far as that no-trade clause goes, some folks have reported Kuroda would waive it on a team by team basis, and hasn't vetoed anything yet. He'd probably accept a trade for the remaining two-plus months of the season but might ask for concessions.

Tigers still pursuing Jeremy Guthrie

Not a lot new here to see. But Jon Paul Morosi reported (somewhere other than Twitter!) the Cardinals and Tigers are among the teams who are pursuing starter Jeremy Guthrie the hardest. For whatever that's worth.

By the way, Detroit was linked to Baltimore's Koji Uehara today. That's a separate post (coming soon!)

Tigers confuse us about Aaron Harang

This weekend we have heard reports that the Tigers' pursuit of Padres starter Aaron Harang has either heated up or cooled off substantially. Well, that's, useful.

Morosi tweeted that a source expressed doubt Harang would end up in Detroit. Jim Bowden tweeted a bit later that Detroit was the front-runner for Harang.

Well,, that's useful, isn't it?

Carlos Beltran wants to remain in the NL

ESPN New York's Adam Rubin reported Mets outfielderCarlos Beltran does not want to be traded to the American League, as he doesn't want to DH. However, he might accept a trade to the Rangers or Red Sox, as both are strong contenders. However, this story really sounds like the true definition of a rumor. Not that Detroit was going to trade for him anyway.

James Shields isn't actually going to be traded

Danny Knobler noted on Twitter that the Rays have told teams they're not going to trade starter James Shields. They must have investments in some Tampa-area hotel since scouts from multiple teams flocked to Tropicana Field to see him pitch. A few days prior, the Rays told the Yankees they wouldn't trade Shields. But that made sense, as he has a few years before free agency and you don't want to see your former pitcher kicking your butt multiple times a year.

(multiple hat tips to MLB Trade Rumors)