Ryan Raburn, month-by-month

So I thinks to myself, I thinks, "Everyone here keeps talking about how Ryan Raburn heats up in the second half of the season. How true is that sentiment?"

Well, in steps statistics to help out. (Wait, is "statistics" a singular noun? Or... are they? Is they? Nevermind.) I decided to compile the stats (source: and do what I love doing best: making a graph. I figured I'd never seen this graphed before, so what the hey. Here it is, for the full-ish seasons he's played.

I got rid of his April '09, because he only had 5 AB in that month. Also, when games have been scheduled in March, they've been combined with April (and the same with September/October).

For those of you who like numbers, I'll spare the individuals and give you the overalls:

Month OPS AB
Apr .817 156
May .462 154
Jun .750 200
Jul .715 180
Aug .893 193
Sep .927 206

So, what can we take away from this?

  • Ryan Raburn hates May.
  • He's also not terribly hot on June or July, but he holds his own somewhat.
  • He digs the hot starts, and even hotter finishes.

Oddly, even though he routinely -- and reliably -- stinks it up in May, Jim Leyland dutifully puts him in the lineup just about as much as he does every other month. (insert Leyland-bashing bit here later) Also, 2008 was his first full-ish season (92 G, 182 AB), and the late-season slump seems to be a bit anomalous. But hey, small sample sizes and such, all standard disclaimers apply.

Thoughts? Ideas? Vitriol? Candy? Cigarettes?

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