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Bless You Boys Podcast 12: Anyone but Purcey!

This week's hosts for a fast paced (especially after the last couple of marathon episodes!) 73 minute long Bless You Boys Podcast are site editors Al Beaton, Kurt Mensching, Matt Wallace, David Tokarz, site enforcer Allison Hagen and bullet point master Rob Rogacki.

FYI: We're looking to crowd source some sort of introduction for the BYB Podcast. If you have ideas or can actually put something marvelous together, you know where to contact us! (Keep in mind Rogo says he'll only do the BYB Podcast IF we get a "acceptable" theme!)

Topics covered this week included:

  • Alli regales us with BYB meetup stories.
  • Are the White Sox blowing up their roster?
  • More on the Brandon Inge to Toledo story.
  • Meet Chance Ruffin!
  • Jim Leyland roasted over the coals for his handling of Ruffin's debut, was it deserved?
  • Are managers too locked into pegging relief pitchers into specific roles?
  • Mike Ilitch speaks on trading for pitching, his urgency to win a World Series and the performance of Dave Dombrowski and Jim Leyland.
  • More trade rumors!

We also answer a handful questions from the Bless You Boys community. We LOVE to hear from you. Really! So please remember, if you would like to have your question on next week's podcast, please email us at BYBPodcast at

Final thoughts: Rogo of Designate Robertson is called out for being a Luddite and his inability to grasp the concept of Skype.

To listen, click here to directly download the MP3, or use the streaming version posted below the jump.

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