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Detroit Tigers Rumors: Jimenez to cost Porcello, Turner?

Good news: Detroit is still in the running for Colorado ace Ubaldo Jimenez. Bad news: The Rockies are apparently asking for both Rick Porcello and Jacob Turner -- although FoxSports only lists Turner in the story -- a cost that makes the trade rather questionable from Detroit's point of view. (If it's just Turner I hand him his plane ticket and shake his hand right now.) So we remain in the realm of "probably not going to happen."

Now I don't necessarily think it's as easy a question as people's guts might tell them. Away from the Mile High City, his strikeout rate is 9.70 K/9, or about 27% of plate appearances. With a defense like Detroit's, getting anything near that would certainly help. Every year his K/9 and K/BB is better on the road. So there's definitely a good pitcher there. This "damaged goods" talk sounds like sour grapes from the scout of some team who didn't want to play the game. At this point, Porcello just hopes to become Jimenez and there's no guarantee he or Turner will. But giving up both players for Jimenez is a pretty high price, and I really don't think the team should trade both players. For a Roy Halladay or Cliff Lee, maybe. But Jimenez is no Lee or Halladay. Porcello and someone less than Turner? Maybe you think about it. Turner and another prospect? Now I'm really thinking about it.

The problem is that the Tigers need a fifth starter and would continue to need a fifth starter if Porcello was traded. So you're not solving the problem per se. The counter argument is that trading for Jimenez doesn't have to be the only move. Most of the names Detroit has been linked to the Tigers can acquire with some combination of mediocre prospects and taking on salary. So they could certainly still fill their needs.

Basically what it comes down to it this: The Rockies should be asking for a lot. A top 20 pitcher with a ton of strikeouts with a team-friendly contract for several years is a great asset. If you move that asset without proper return, you're not doing your job. But for the Tigers, the price of acquiring Jimenez makes it difficult to see the move as a vast upgrade. It's an upgrade, certainly -- and gives Detroit a great playoff rotation -- but moving Porcello and Turner leaves a hole in the rotation for years that Turner would have filled. If somehow Detroit can swing trading just one of those pitchers and a position player prospect like Nick Castellanos, then I get on board. That's a solid rotation for years that doesn't cost a lot. Short of that, I don't think I'd approve of the deal. (That doesn't mean I wouldn't get excited to have Jimenez here. I just think the long term health of the organization is decreased by such trade.)

But don't get me wrong. This is all mainly a thought experiment. The post is almost me talking out loud to be honest. I still maintain the team will not trade for anyone that it has been linked to for the past few weeks.