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Tigers fall to Giants by like a hundred or something

Orange sky! holy crap. Highlight of the game.
Orange sky! holy crap. Highlight of the game.

Giants 15 or more, Tigers: 2 or more


1: Of 6 interleague series, the Tigers managed to win just one of them. The Tigers lost the first game of all six. They Tigers lost the second game of five of the six. Somehow the Diamondbacks didn't get the memo or something. Strangely, the Tigers won the third game of all five so far. They'll have to do that again to avoid being swept.


This abomination, this embarrassment, this putrid, this barftastic, this vomitous game will not receive a proper recap because it's still the seventh inning and Detroit is down by 15. I'm going to bed. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest all their private parts.

Except those of Jhonny Peralta and Brennan Boesch anyway