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Game 107 Overflow, a.k.a. the Jacob Turner Special - Angels at Tigers

Thank you, Alex Avila (via BYB commenter rock n rye)
Thank you, Alex Avila (via BYB commenter rock n rye)

What happened so far:

  • Some scrub prospect named Jacob Turner got the start today. Dude’s a total bum.
  • In fact, Fox decided that 2/3 of the country didn’t even need to see this Turner guy pitch. (Note: anything else listed below is purely based on circumstantial evidence given to me by Dan Dickerson, ESPN and the voices speaking Spanish in my head).
  • Peter Bourjos is an evil human being. Or a very good centerfielder, take your pick. Today, those two are one and the same.
  • Dan Haren is currently throwing a perfect game.
  • Turner has allowed 4 stolen bases so far. Apparently he needs to work on holding runners.
  • Turner has thrown 62 pitches in just 3 innings so far. Vintage Verlander.

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