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Detroit Tigers Rumors: Joel Peralta, Jim Johnson on radar

Remember how Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski said something along the lines of, "I keep reading we need bullpen help. I don't think we do. We have a good bullpen." Well, about that. David Pauley. And now, hours before the trade deadline, rumors have been witten the Tigers are interested in the Rays righthander Joel Peralta and the Orioles' righthander Jim Johnson.

Both rumors came from Fox Sports' Jon Paul Morosi (@JonMorosi) on Twitter.

Peralta has a 3.75 ERA this year, strikes out batters at a 7.7 per nine innings rate and walks them at 2.6 per nine innings. His strikeouts are slightly down from last year, and his walks are slightly up. But they are in line with his career numbers. He's more of a flyball pitcher, as that is the result more than half the time when the ball is in play. His xFIP is 3.97 but his SIERA is 3.49. So he's pitching about as you'd expect I guess. (Fangraphs)

Johnson has a 2.45 ERA this year with a 3.10 xFIP and 2.70 SIERA. So he's probably a bit better than you'd expect. His strikeout rate is in line with his career norms at 5.85 K/9. He's big gain this season has been in limiting walks, and the number comes in at just 1.65. His strand rate and home run per fly ball rate are around career norms. His career ERA is 3.37. Apparently the Orioles were thinking of having him start some games by the end of the season. Morosi said his sources tell him a deal is unlikely there.