2012 Tiger Payroll

I find myself making some of the same comments in response to other comments about "money coming off the books" after the 2011 season, so I thought I'd just lay it all out here in one Fan post for reference. Of course, this is all subject to change with any moves that are made the rest of this season. I've also used current payroll as a reference point, rather than speculating how high they might be willing to go with any acquisitions. Cot's shows opening day payroll, 2011 at just under $ 107 million. Take it from there and have fun with numbers.



Guillen $ 13 Mil
Ordonez $ 10 Mil
Valverde $ 7 Mil ($ 9 MM option)
Penny $ 3 Mil
Zumaya $ 1.4 Mil
Santiago $ 1.35 Mil

Total $ 32.75 Mil


Verlander $ 7.25 Mil
Cabrera $ 1.0 Mil
Martinez $ 1.0 Mil
Raburn $ 800 K
Peralta $ 250 K

Total $ 10.3 Mil


Scherzer (600 K) $ 3- 4 Mil
Coke (440 K) $ 2 Mil
Thomas (800 K) $ 1 Mil

*Total (1.84 MM) + 4 MM


$ 21.45 Mil reduction in payroll if Valverde's option is not picked up (and add two comp picks)
$ 12.45 Mil reduction if Valverde option exercised
$ 1 MM saved if Brad Thomas is non tendered/ traded/ released (please)

Note: Cot's contracts at one time had a note that Porcello could opt for arbitration instead of the club option in 2012 if he was eligible. That note has disappeared, but if that's the case, he'd surely opt for arby instead of a $ 1.3 MM salary next year, and that would put him in the 3- 4 mil range as a first year eligible SP.


RF, 3 hitter
2B, 2 hitter

The first decision is whether to pick up Valverde's $ 9 mil option. If they don't, we have to replace a closer. Maybe Benoit takes over that job, and don't think for a minute that DD didn't consider that when he signed Benoit. That would also give the Tigers likely two high draft picks if Valverde declines arbitration and walks. If Valverde leaves, I would hope that another RP is brought in to help with late inning duties. There is a very talented bunch of young guns in the Tiger bullpen, and more in the pipeline, but they're very inexperienced and raw.

Maybe Oliver/ Furbush can step up and fill Penny's rotation spot, but a starting pitcher is still a necessity.

Maybe Boesch can be the every day RF. Check back in October. We need a legit No. 3 hitter with a .370 OBP/ 20 HR/ 100 RBI. Boesch is the only one that may have that upside in him, but he's been too inconsistent.

Worth can almost certainly fill Santiago's role as utility infielder, and may even fill a starting role at 3B or 2B.

Personally, I would not wait til the season is over to move Brad Thomas to oblivion. He's not even an effective LOOGY any more and he is putrid against RHP's. There are umpteen cheaper and better LHRP's on the roster.

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