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Q&A with Tigers prospect Bryan Pounds

The Detroit Tigers came calling to the University of Houston star Bryan Pounds in the 2008 draft. The Houston native is currently making his way up through the minors. Currently a member of the Erie Seawolves (AA), he hopes to get his shot in Detroit very soon. You were drafted in the 34th round of the 2008 MLB June Amateur draft. Take us to that moment, were you listening when your name was called?
Bryan Pounds: Actually no. I was helping one of my buddies move into his new house, but my parents were so I told them to let me know. I had an idea I was going to get drafted but I didn't know when or by which team, it didn't matter to me, I just wanted the opportunity.

BYB: Tell us a little about yourself. Are you married? What do you do for fun on your off days and during offseason?
BP: I'm not married at the moment but I know God will bring the right girl my way. During the season it all depends on where I'm at for what I do on off days. I'll either grill out with some teammates or go to a theme park, whatever I feel like really. In the off-season I do a lot of hunting and golfing.

BYB: So far this season, you have played third base, left field, designated hitter, and even a game at first base. We know your primary position is third base but if you could play any other position, what would it be and why?
BP: Probably left field, I'm starting to get the hang of it. I've played in the infield my whole life so playing in the outfield is a nice change of pace. As long as I'm in the lineup it doesn't matter to me.

BYB: You were born in Houston and went to the University of Houston, I can only assume you are a Houston Astros fan. Would that be accurate?
BP: Yes, I'm a hometown boy. Growing up the Astros were my team and in my heart they still are, however, if they play the Tigers I'm going for Detroit.

BYB: Who was your favorite player growing up?
BP: I was a big "Killer B's" fan growing up and my favorite one was Biggio. I loved how he played the game and his faith in Christ.

BYB: Take us through a game day. Do you have any rituals? What does your pre-game meals usually look like?
BP: I don't do anything special. I usually show up and hit in the cage, eat a snack, take BP, eat again, then right before I go out to stretch I lay down for about 10-15 minutes and talk to God and get my mind right for the game.

BYB: You are on Twitter (@BLBS14) but you are not very active, you don't even have a picture on there? What's up with that?
BP: I got on Twitter because pretty much our whole team is on it, so they kept nagging me to get on and I caved. I rarely post anything but I enjoy reading the stuff that is tweeted. I'll work on getting a picture.

BYB: If you weren't a professional baseball player, what would you be doing?
BP: I plan on being a baseball coach but I don't know yet and hopefully won't have to for a while.

BYB: Has there been any fellow players that have helped you out greatly with your development and career?
BP: Yeah, a lot of my teammates have made some kind of impact on my career but one in particular has made the biggest impact, Ben Guez. Especially since we both live in Houston and workout together in the off-season.

BYB: With the recent demotion of Brandon Inge to Triple-A and you being primarily a third baseman, do you think that diminishes your chances of another call-up in the near future?
BP: On an obvious note yes, however, I'm just playing the game. I'm not going to get caught up in where I will be the next day, week, or year. If I do that I won't be able to enjoy the game. I know God has a plan and whatever it is will be fine with me.

Thanks to Bryan Pounds for taking time out of his day to answer some questions. Make sure you get on Twitter and follow him, he has finally added a picture. Have a great season Bryan!