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Mario Impemba sees Verlander as Cy Young favorite, doesn't mind Aybar's bunt

Tigers play-by-play man Mario Impemba told Casey Ford of ESPN970 in Marquette that he doesn't see anything wrong with Erick Aybar's bunt in the eighth inning of a no-hitter on Sunday, and that he believes Justin Verlander has emerged as the favorite of the Cy Young race. Casey was kind enough to pass on audio of the recording for us to share, so you can download the nine-minute intervieww to listen for yourself. Here are a few highlights.

Impemba on Aybar's bunt.

I don't think it was bush league at all. Personally I would have rather seen him swing the bat and see if he could get a base hit. There's two things to consider here. First of all, the Angels are two games out of first place. They're in a pennant race like the Tigers are. They've got to win games. And two, their team is built around speed, bunting, moving runners up, as opposed to the power game ... That's their way of doing business.

On AL Cy Young race:

What he did (Sunday0 on that stage going up against his primary competition in Jered Weaver and throwing eight innings of two-run baseball, both of which were unearned by the way, and coming out on the top end of that game and have a no-hitter in the eighth inning, I think he's the front runner right now. I really do. ... I think (Verlander) has seemingly taken that next step toward where he needs to get to be great ... and will win multiple Cy Youngs.

On Doug Fister:

He's a guy that is probbaly looked at right no as a No. 3 guy. He's not a guy who's going to blow you away with a 95 mile per hour fastball but he knows how to pitch.