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Afternoon prowl: Justin Verlander, earthquakes and dugout flatulence

Did you hear there was an earthquake on the eastern seaboard which could be felt here in the Midwest? It's an EARTHQUAKEPOCALYPSE! If you were on a social network, you couldn't miss it! The most intriguing Tweet came from our own Baroque:

boo, I've never been in an earthquake. I have had a geologically boring life.

As I've seen the movie "2012," I know what my plan will be for any oncoming apocalypse. I'm heading for China and the three arks. But on to the Verlander-centric linkage...

Justin Verlander continues dominance: ESPN
The 4 Letter's Stats and Info blog breaks down Verlander's numbers, which are reaching historic levels.

Verlander Leads Case for Pitchers as MVPs: Real Clear Sports
RCS asks the question, "Can a starting pitcher be as valuable as an everyday player?" Yes!

First Pitch: Can Justin Verlander carry Tigers to pennant?: USA Today's Daily Pitch
Verlander would start game one of any playoff series. Quote: "Well, consider this: The last 16 Division Series winners won Game 1."

Justin Verlander: Cy Young and MVP? ESPN
LZ Granderson, a Detroit native, makes Verlander's case for both awards, and the idea he's getting short shrift from the east coast media elite.

Justin Verlander Getting "Star Treatment" from Umpires? Motor City Bengals
More umpiring inconsistency!

Rangers or Tigers: Who scares you more? Fangraphs
If you are the AL East winner, which team is scarier? Not in the "BOO!" way, but in the "Team I don't want to face in October" way.

Thome mum on trade desire: StarTribune
Tiger killer Jim Thome has been placed on trade waivers by the Twins...let the Thome to the White Sox/Indians/pick a contender rumors begin!

Delmon Young Joins Select Group of Detroit Tigers Sibling Pairs: Detroit Athletic Co
Want to know which sets of brothers have played for the Tigers over lo these many years? DAC has you covered.

Erie Seawolves Jerry Uht Park review: Stadium Journey
The Tigers' AA affiliate's park is reviewed by Stadium Journey. They love the atmosphere, but thought the food was meh.

For a fitting close, via Awful Announcing, we have the video of the hit and run "crop dusting" in the Tigers' dugout last night in Tampa. What you would call the farting incident is more than welcome in the comments...then again, I may be asking for trouble.