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Afternoon prowl: Happy Verlander Day!

Today the Tigers are taking on the Twins in the awful 4PM FOX TV time slot, meaning the game is part of their regional coverage. Many of you won't be able to see Justin Verlander going for win number 20 on the season. Damn FOX blackout window...

Feel free to commiserate, and talk a little Tigers...after some linkange:

Verlander for MVP: Making the case for the Tigers' ace: The Sporting News

Shooting down the position player is more valuable than a starting pitcher argument.

For those who don't believe a starter working every five days can have the same impact as an everyday player, consider: Verlander has faced 803 batters this season. Yankees center fielder and MVP candidate Curtis Granderson has 569 plate appearances. That means Verlander has impacted 234 more at-bats in 2011.

Justin Verlander, AL MVP? Not according to Jim Leyland: Big League Stew

Some writer who used to hang out in this corner of the internet gives his take on Leyland's AL MVP thoughts.

Sorry, J.V. — the skipper has this one right.

On doorstep of No. 20, Verlander not distracted:

Jason Beck talks to the Tigers' ace...

"Do I know where I am? Of course I do," Verlander said. "But I've said time and time again, those things, like total season stats, those things are meant to be looked at at the end of the season, not now."

Verlander's 19 (soon 20) reasons why wins matter: CBS Sports' The Knobler Blog

Former Tigers beat writer Danny Knobler make his case for the win stat.

When Justin Verlander beats the Twins Saturday to get to 20 wins for the first time -- and is there any doubt that he's going to do it? -- it will be treated as a big deal. And it should be.

It is a big deal.

The Rangers are probably the 3rd best team in the AL: Fort Worth Star-Telegram Big Mac Blog

Why don't you want to face the Tigers in the playoffs?

It's why no one will want to see Justin Verlander in a five-game series against the Tigers. The team that plays the Tigers is down 0-2 before the series starts.

Screw The Math: Why Justin Verlander Has A Pitcher's Chance At 300 Career Wins: The Post Game

How good has Verlander been?

Verlander's numbers this season through 210 innings are almost identical to McLain's in 1968 through 210 innings. Verlander has a better opponents' batting average than McLain and fewer hits allowed. A 20-win season is always impressive but Verlander's season to-date compares favorably to the most impressive pitching seasons in the last half-century.

Turner impressive in third start for Mud Hens: Coop Scoop

The Toledo Blade's John Wagner has Jacob Turner's numbers from his last start.

According to the radar gun on the scoreboard, Turner threw his fastball at roughly 92-93 mph (four at 91, six at 92, 12 at 93, three at 94). His sinker sat at roughly 87-89 mph (two at 87, two at 88 and three at 89), while his change-up sat at 85-86 mph (two at 85, three at 86).

His curve, which accounted for at least five of the strikeouts (there was no pitch-speed reading on one strikeout), sat at 78-81 mph (three at 78, eight at 79, four at 80 and five at 81).

And the Tigers do need an extra starter this Thursday...

This must be kitten season: Roar of the Tigers

Samara's at it again with more of her amazing cartoons...

First Miguel Cabrera and his wife have a baby, then Don Kelly is out because HIS wife is having a baby! What a month of kittening for the Tigers. This is the second child for the Kellys, this one a boy. Clearly we are breeding the next generation of Tigers right here.

Friday's five reasons - how the Tigers won 8-1: Detroit News' Tigers Blog

Look who's fallen apart: The Twins are 5-18 in August.

Says it all..

For those of you lucky enough to have one of the MLB TV packages, and love to hear Dodgers' legendary play by play man Vin Scully call a game, there's some good news.

Vin Scully Will Return To Dodgers Broadcast Booth In 2012: Baseball Nation

Friday night, Scully announced on the air that he would be returning for a 63rd season in the booth in 2012:

And for those of you who are in the path of Hurricane Irene, please stay safe!