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Luis Marte appears headed for the Tigers

Righthander Luis Marte of Double-A Erie will apparently join the Tigers in the near future.'s Jason Beck noted on Twitter earlier today that the buzz out of Erie was that Marte would be a Sept. 1 call-up by the Tigers. Teammate Drew Smyly congratulated Marte on Twitter -- a move the Tigers have frowned upon in the past -- and the SeaWolves announced the move as well.

Marte (stats) has made a couple of appearances in Triple-A during his career,, but otherwise has spent most of the past few seasons with the SeaWolves. The 25-year-old has an ERA of 1.70 with a 0.88 WHIP in 53 Double-A innings this year. His FIP is 2.67. He has struck out batters in 33% of plate appearances, while walking them in 8.8%. Last year he struck out 24.5% while walking 12%. So, well, typical Tigers bullpen candidate.

Earlier this season, Matt Wallace wrote of Marte:

Those strikeout numbers since Marte has come back are just stupid. I thought Lester Oliveros was getting it done when he was in Erie, but Marte has been something else. I kind of doubt he'll ever regain the prospect status he had back in 2008. That was when he was starting in Lakeland and pitching every bit as well as Rick Porcello. Injuries have dragged him down since, but he's come out of the gates blazing after getting a late start.