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Updated: Tigers extend contracts of Dave Dombrowski, Jim Leyland

We'll update this later, but the Tigers announced the extension of Dave Dombrowski's contract by four years, and of Jim Leyland's contract by one year. That keeps Dombrowski under contract through 2015 and Leyland through 2012.

Quoting from the press release announcing the move:

"Dave has built a solid foundation for this organization and assembled competitive teams that give us a chance to win year in and year out. We have a lot of confidence in his continued leadership of the Detroit Tigers," said Owner/Director Michael Ilitch. "I am pleased Dave has agreed to continue to lead our organization." Regarding Manager Jim Leyland, Mr. Ilitch added, "I know Jim shares our desire to deliver a winner. We're pleased to have him continue leading the Detroit Tigers on the field."

"I am grateful for the continued opportunity Mr. Ilitch has given me to run this franchise, and I am equally appreciative of the unwavering support he has demonstrated the past ten seasons in our efforts to bring a World Championship back to Detroit," Dombrowski said.

"We're delighted Jim will continue as Tigers manager through the 2012 season," said Dombrowski. "He has led the Tigers to a World Series, and guided a contending team on a consistent basis during his tenure as manager. Jim's managerial record and accomplishments speak for themselves."

Here is the press release issued on behalf of Leyland:

"I want to thank Mr. Ilitch and Dave Dombrowski for the support and confidence they have shown in me and I look forward to managing the Detroit Tigers in 2012. Also, my many thanks go out to generations of Tigers fans who have supported the Tigers through the good times as well as the tough times. I'm proud to take the responsibility to assure Mr. Ilitch, Dave and our many fans that we will never fall short of doing everything we can to maintain the pride of our organization and our fans."

Snap judgment: I like the extension of Dombrowski. He's not without his stumbles, but his past two seasons with the Tigers have featured quite a few good decisions. He's positioned the team well for the next few years. It's deserved. ... However I'd have liked to wait for the offseason with Leyland.