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Bless You Boys Podcast 17: Is Brandon Inge even here?

No hiccups this time, as episode 17 of The Bless You Boys Podcast was completed in one take!

The podcast runs 1:20, and features editors Al Beaton, Rob Rogacki, Matt Wallace, and back from the wilds of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Kurt Mensching.

Topics discussed include:

  • Rules for playoff rosters.
  • Who could be on the 25 man playoff roster?
  • Meet Luis Marte!
  • Jon Matlack, long-time Tigers minor league pitching coordinator, was let go due to a "change in direction."
  • Jim Leyland dismisses Justin Verlander's AL MVP chances, then backtracks.
  • Leyland asked the hot hitting Ramon Santiago to sac bunt in the 1st inning Wednesday. Stupid, idiotic, or both?
  • Let's Go Tribe trolls Tigers fans on Twitter, so Rob responds with a bet.
  • Listener questions, and lots of them (way to go!), including: More roster moves, Andy Dirks, the thumb injury to Brennan Boesch, consistent pitching, bears eating outfielders, Timo Perez, magic numbers, double digit winning pitchers, the Tigers' lame Arizona Fall League roster, possible playoff matchups, the 2012 bullpen, 2012 2nd and 3rd base (where we managed to squeeze in our weekly Brandon Inge discussion), where to meet other Tigers fans when living out of state, fandom of other teams, and name your own at bat music!

Final thoughts: Profane fans, Doug Fister vs. Ubaldo Jimenez, come to the UP (but not near Kurt), Indians obsession, saying goodbye to Tom "Killer" Kowalski.

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