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Game 147 Afterglow

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A discussion: the merits of this Snickers commercial and how they relate to the last two games the Tigers have played against the White Sox. To begin, the character "Steve" is a metaphor for pitcher Mark Buehrle, who was saddled with the loss 8 days ago in an 18-2 Tigers win. The sharks represent the Tigers lineup and in no way refer to the San Jose Sharks, who are just a crappy franchise despite what their fans call "postseason success" over the past two seasons. (Thanks to SabreRoseTiger, who pointed out that "Lisa" corresponds with the Cleveland Indians, who have also been destroyed but not to the delicious extent that the White Sox have been lately.) The woman leading the discussion is just kind of there, but she's got a buzzer so that has to count for something. And finally, the poor soul that is finishing his delicious candy bar at the end of the commercial is John Danks, thrown to the wolves (or sharks, in this case) by his manager.

If anything, this commercial could be viewed as the bridge between the two games, as we do not actually see the vicious destruction while it occurs, largely due to Snickers being a family-friendly company and the fact that, as we've seen over the past two Detroit-Chicago matchups, the results are simply too brutal for the normal human to behold.