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Justin Verlander on Sports Illustrated cover this week


Sports Illustrated went with regional covers again this week, so not every Bless You Boys reader will be able to find this on their local news stands and in their mail boxes.

But the ones who can get their hands on it will be quite pleased, as "Justin Verlander" and "MVP" are bunched together next to his photo. (Yeah, Yankees and Red Sox are too, but try to ignore that part.)

As you might recall, this isn't the first SI cover Verlander has made. Back in August of 2006, when he was just a wee strikeout robot rookie, the mag honored him as well. (Here's a link to that.)

I still have that one nicely saved, so I guess I'll have to go out and add to the collection this week!

As you can probably guess, no Tigers have made the cover in the five years in between, though they have written plenty of complimentary stories in between.