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Bless You Boys Podcast 19: Let's talk Tigers winning streaks and the MLB Fan Cave!

The Big Potato dances after listening to the latest BYB Podcast!
The Big Potato dances after listening to the latest BYB Podcast!

We go with a slightly different format for this week's podcast. The first 30 minutes are Kurt and Al having a great time talking all things baseball, from the Tigers, Justin Verlander for MVP, playoff scenarios, 250 pitching wins are the new 300, to Alice Cooper's favorite team (check out the video here) and Baroque's stuffed praying mantis, with Ryan Wagner of the MLB Fan Cave.

Ryan's job, along with Mike O'Hara, is to watch all 2,430 regular season MLB games this season, plus all post season games, which would be the dream job of any baseball fan!

On Twitter, the Fan Cave is @MLBFanCave, and you can like them on Facebook as well. On Twitter, Ryan is @RWags614, Mike is @Mikeyoh21. We'd also like to thank MLB and the Detroit Tigers for helping to set up the interview!

After our interview with Ryan, we welcome back to the podcast the Enforcer, Allison Hagen, to discuss the past unbelievable week of Tigers baseball.

The Bless You Boys podcast 19 runs 1:12, and features deputy editor and host Al Beaton, managing editor and no longer curmudgeony Kurt Mensching, and the bullet point hating deputy editor known as Allison Hagen.

Topics kicked around included:

  • We're at a loss for words after another amazing comeback, just reveling in the winning streak.
  • How important is it for the Tigers to nab home field in the ALDS?
  • SBNation's Rob Neyer thinks the Tigers are a two man team.
  • Will we see more of Jim Leyland playing his infamous Sunday lineup down the stretch?
  • Who gets a playoff roster spot, Carlos Guillen or Brad Penny?
  • Do you believe in the Sports Illustrated cover jinx?
  • Listener questions included topics such as: Postseason rings, the possibility of a fan letdown after the streak ends, just screw it and go for it, thinking outside the box in regard to interleague play, and cleansing the palate of September's past.

Final thoughts: Allison is waiting for October, Kurt plays a lightning round, and Al is going to miss Ozzie Guillen's craziness.

We LOVE to hear from you.If you would like to have your question on next week's podcast, please email us at BYBPodcast at

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