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Afternoon Prowl: Still enjoying the Central Division title glow!

So we had a couple of links to video earlier today, now we're going to ask you to read something. OK, well, mostly. There's also some audio magic as we get to hear Ernie Harwell call the AL East championship of nearly 40 years ago.

The Daily Fungo by Mike McClary : Ernie Calls Tigers’ 1972 A.L. East Clincher
While we enjoy this division title, listen to Ernie call one from nearly 40 years ago.

Improved Tigers clinch AL Central - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
Christina Kahrl:

So the Tigers can settle in and celebrate their win, going into October a much stronger team than it was just a few months ago. It’s a credit to Dombrowski for improving it on the fly, to Leyland for adapting and to the players themselves for making this club something more than a stars-and-scrubs squad. Whether that’s a formula that will give Leyland a second shot at dugout history remains to be seen, but it’ll be something well worth watching.

The Tigers found Fister, and now they're champs -
Knobler notes the importance of Doug Fister to what the Tigers accomplished.

Terence Moore: Tigers are an easy club to love | News
We have to agree!

Drew Sharp: Division title allows Tigers to reflect on past | Detroit Free Press |
Al Avila: Very happy David Chadd decided to draft Alex in the fifth round.

Tigers tame AL Central, clinch title - Stats & Info Blog - ESPN
Facts on Fister, Verlander and a cringe for the Royals.

Cabrera quietly watches his team celebrate " Beck's Blog
Cabrera may not have been showered in champagne, but that doesn't mean he didn't enjoy the moment as much as his teammates, Beck writes.

For Leyland, AL Central crown is personal " Beck's Blog
Leyland is pleased, if a bit emotional.

Tiger Tales: A Detroit Tigers Blog: Tigers Win First Division Title Since 1987!
The most amazing thing happens: Lee used an exclamation point!

The Ray Oyler Divide: Waiting Can Make Things Even More Amazing.
Don Kelly : A.L. Central Champion Wizard!

Detroit Tigers, champions of the AL Central. Yes, that sounds nice | Roar of the Tigers
Samara captures it in terrible toon form

Tigers still have work in regular season despite winning Central title | News
Central division scoreboard watching over. AL West and East scoreboard watching begins in earnest!

DesigNate Robertson: Tigers Playoff Roster Speculation
Rogo turns his eyes to the post season roster

Tigers' Magglio Ordonez: 'This team's got all the ingredients to win the World Series' |
Meanwhile, Ordonez is thinking World Series redemption.