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Confidence Poll Sept 19

Hey, it's the start of a new week. That can only mean two things! It's Monday, and there's a new confidence poll for you to enjoy!

Also I thought I'd lay out a few thoughts on how to spend the week.

1) Rooting against the Rangers unless the Angels get too close.

2) Thinking about your playoff rosters. I know some fans have been thinking about their playoff rosters since like, mid-August. But now that the Tigers are officially in the playoffs, I'll actually write a couple of posts about it. So look for my "22" for-sure players story, and each day after that I'll write a post about a player who I think is on the line who could go either way for you to debate.

3) Rooting against the Yankees. But you were doing that anyway I'm sure.

4) Keeping your football out of my baseball because WE HAVE A PLAYOFF TEAM TO ROOT FOR HERE.