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Detroit Tigers playoff roster: Who are the likely locks?

As promised, here's the first post about the playoff roster. Remember that the roster can change between rounds. So this is just debate for the ALDS.

Here are the basic rules: You get 25 players. Playoff roster rules say that they had to be on the Tigers' roster the final day of August or on the disabled list. But thanks to rules allowing for substitutions for players who are on the disabled list during the playoffs, Detroit has several "wild cards" to use on players who weren't called up until September.

I am going to kick off this week by listing the 22 players I think are pretty close to locks to make the playoff roster. I'll also share a few names for players who could make the final spots on the roster. Throughout the week, I'll look closer at the positives and negatives of those players. So it's going to be sort of like spring training, I guess.

Final note: What we see as best and what the club does don't necessarily coincide. Personally, I'm trying to look at this from the team's perspective. So you might think Brad Penny does not belong in the playoff, but I'm not sure that the team will just toss him on the trash heap at this point. However, he's no lock in my book.

Pitching (11 total, 8 locks)

1. Justin Verlander

2. Doug Fister

3. Max Scherzer

4. Rick Porcello

5. Jose Valverde

6. Joaquin Benoit

7. Phil Coke

8. Al Alburquerque (health depending)

9. Daniel Schlereth



Possibilities to be explored in individual posts this week: Brad Penny, Ryan Perry, Duane Below. I guess if there was interest we could add David Pauley and Luis Marte to our possibles, but I feel like that feels like a pretty darn big long shot.

Position players (14 total, 13 locks; separated into starters and bench)

12. Alex Avila

13. Miguel Cabrera

14. Ramon Santiago

15. Jhonny Peralta

16. Wilson Betemit

17. Delmon Young

18. Austin Jackson

19. Magglio Ordonez

20. Victor Martinez

21. Don Kelly

22. Ryan Raburn

23. Andy Dirks*

24. Brandon Inge


* Takes the place of a player on the DL

The 25th spot would have been Carlos Guillen until his injury. We'll keep an eye on that. Other possibilities to explore this week include Will Rhymes, Danny Worth and Omir Santos.