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Tigers begin preparing for playoffs; Jacob Turner starting Thursday

Doug Fister will piggyback with Max Scherzer tomorrow.
Doug Fister will piggyback with Max Scherzer tomorrow.

With the playoffs set to open a week from Friday, the Tigers and manager Jim Leyland are beginning to get things in order.

The first major announcement from Leyland was a plan to go with 14 position players and 11 pitchers. No surprise there, I don't think.

The second announcement was a change to his rotation this week. Tomorrow, both Max Scherzer and Doug Fister will split the pitching duties. This allows Leyland to decide who will be the ALDS Game 2 starter without worrying about someone going on short rest. We still don't know where or against whom the Tigers will begin the postseason, but hopefully that will be cleared up (favorably) by early next week.

So with the change to the rotation, Thursday's starter will be Jacob Turner. That will make all the Turner fans happy, at least.

Justin Verlander is still scheduled for Saturday as he goes for 25 wins.

Finally, according to's Jason Beck, we have notes on Victor Martinez and Carlos Guillen. Martinez will not catch again during the regular season. Beck believes Omir Santos' chances of making the postseason roster are better today than a week ago. Also, Carlos Guillen is feeling better but still sore. If Guillen cannot play between now and the end of the year, Leyland confirmed he will be left off the playoff roster.