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BYB confidence poll suffers post-clinch dip

Sept 19 confidence poll
Sept 19 confidence poll

I guess a post-clinch dip was inevitable. Potential is almost always more exciting than reality. When our last poll closed, the magic number had fallen to one. A day later, our Detroit Tigers were celebrating their first division title since 1987. A day after that, they lose. Then they won. Then they lost again. Just a little post-clinch let down.

So our confidence poll dropped from 94 down to 92.5. That's when you don't include the fact some trolls showed up to vote 0 or 10. Add those votes in and it's more like 91.5.

Still, you can't complain about a poll in the 90s, can you? Tigers fans are understandably feeling pretty good about the team's chances when the playoffs open next weekend.

How about you?