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Jeff Daniels updates his "Tiger Fan Blues" with the 2011 roster

In 2006, while the Tigers were enjoying a rebirth, Michigan comedian and performer Jeff Daniels made some waves when he sang an update to his "Lifelong Tiger Fan Blues," combining names on the roster with his exasperation at the sad history of the team over the past 16 years or so. (The link takes you to a version he performed for Fox Sports Detroit.)

"I get that ol' lovin' feelin' every time I see Jim Leyland" is, of course, a classic line.

This year, he's got an update -- sung Saturday (shown after the jump so it doesn't slow down our front page!) -- where he rhymes all the names on the roster. (Again not taking the risk of trying to rhyme with Verlander by naming him at the start of a line!) Although the blues fans were very good at wooo-ing loudly at the show, they didn't really seem into the idea of chanting "Let's Go Tigers" with him.

Anyway, enjoy! I wouldn't doubt this fan makes another few appearances over the next week or so.

(Hat Tip: Big League Stew)