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Detroit Tigers Playoff Roster Decisions: David Pauley

Hey, I actually could find a photo of David Pauley in the Tigers' uniform!
Hey, I actually could find a photo of David Pauley in the Tigers' uniform!

We kicked this off with 22 likely "locks" on the Tigers' playoff roster yesterday. (Honestly, I think you could go with 23, but that would cut down on the number of posts I could milk this for so I won't.) This series wraps up today with a player most people forget is on the active on the roster: David Pauley.

The good news is that I may finally have stopped typing "Purcey" when I meant David Pauley. I ask that the Detroit Tigers begin taking names into consideration when making trades. I never could get my Farnsworths right either. But I digress.

David Pauley would seem to have a pretty uphill battle to make the playoff roster. If Detroit is going to face the Yankees or Red Sox, the fact Pauley is a right-hander would seem to work against him. With a rotation of right-handers, you would expect the Tigers to go with three lefties in the bullpen.

Another thing working against Pauley is that he almost totally disappeared after being traded to the Tigers. Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski was trying to shore up some bullpen troubles. Just the sight of Pauley apparently was good enough, because the 'pen pitched so well Pauley's services were barely needed during his time in Detroit.

That, and Pauley didn't pitch so well. He's allowed his own runs in seven out of 13 appearances. He was pegged with the loss last night after allowing a run during his second inning on the mound. Four out of seven inherited runners in Detroit scored, too.

Tony Paul, of the Detroit News, predicted Pauley would make the postseason team a few days ago, writing:

Used sporadically this month, his control has improved and he’s righted the ship a bit – albeit, against mostly light-hitting teams when the score wasn’t super tight when he entered.

I have to say, I see Pauley on the outside looking in right now as long as Al Alburquerque is healthy.

Why Pauley might make the postseason roster

  • Having a solid season overall: 2.82 ERA, 48.6% ground balls, 79% strand rate.

Why Pauley might not make the postseason roster

  • Not having a good time in Detroit.
  • Leyland doesn't use him much as is.
  • Wrong-handed.