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9/26 Confidence Poll Opens!

It feels like just yesterday I was writing up the story for the first confidence poll. Now there are just three games remaining in the regular season. Wow. Time flies. Even in the best case scenarios we'll be wondering what to watch on TV or listen to on our computers and radios every night. Sad.

But let's get back to happy: The Tigers will be in the playoffs for the first time since 2006 and second time since 1987. That's pretty dang exciting!

I was asked last week how one should vote on the confidence poll. As the year opened, I recommended you vote 80 for a division win, 90 for winning the AL and 100 for winning the World Series. If that was your thing, you should probably keep voting that way to keep the results consistent. If you voted on some other scale all your own, by all means keep doing so. We're just trying to keep the results "meaningful" this season -- not that this is a scientific experiment or anything. During the offseason, I might drop the poll to monthly, and I certainly plan to ask for a better set of voting standards for those who didn't like my suggestion.

So our last poll of the regular season! Enjoy!