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ALDS: Tigers' Wilson Betemit, Carlos Guillen battle injuries

Carlos Guillen won't be ready for the ALDS
Carlos Guillen won't be ready for the ALDS

Only a couple of days before the first pitch of the American League Divisional Series, the statuses of infielders Carlos Guillen and Wilson Betemit is uncertain at best.

Obviously the bigger worry for Tigers' fans is the health of Betemit. The trade that brought him to Detroit in July helped shore up batting production at third base. He is batting .281 with an .802 OPS with the Tigers this year. However, he has not played since Sept. 16 due to a knee injury that he appeared to suffer while sliding into home during a game in Oakland.

Originally, the Tigers started he would likely play in Sunday's game. He was pushed back to Monday's game, with the theory it was due to the Orioles starting pitcher. However, he was not in Monday's lineup either.

Manager Jim Leyland told the media:

"He's not right. I'm worried about Betemit. And I'll leave it at that."

Betemit told's Jason Beck:

"I went out today to go work on the field, and I felt something push on my knee."

Betemit has swelling inside the knee.

If Betemit cannot play in the ALDS, that opens the door for another infielder of either Will Rhymes or Danny Worth, or backup catcher Omir Santos.

Carlos Guillen has not played since he left the game after suffering pain in his calf during a fielding play that did not even involve him on Sept. 18.

Guillen is attempting to get back to hitting and running, but apparently won't be ready. The Detroit News quotes Leyland:

"It's very unlikely we'll have Carlos for the first round. That's not to say he couldn't be added (to the roster)."

Guillen was not expected to be healthy enough for the ALDS roster anyway. But don't rule him out for the ALCS.