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Who do you want Tigers to face in the ALDS?

Kung fu closer!
Kung fu closer!

Today is the scheduled last day of the regular season. Fans of six teams know they'll be enjoying baseball throughout the weekend, and hopefully longer. Fans of 20 teams know they'll be moving on to the offseason on Thursday. Fans of the other four teams will be out buying whole milk and antacids this afternoon, because the wild cards in both leagues are currently tied.

In the National League, that means St. Louis is attempting to catch and bypass the Braves, whose playoff odds according to peaked at 99.2% on Aug. 25 when they were playing .600 ball and led the Cardinals by 9.5 games. The Braves meet the Phillies, and the Cardinals battle the Astros.

In the American League, Boston and Tampa are tied for the wild card. As you probably remember, Boston was the popular World Series pick by pretty much everyone earlier in the year. Their playoff odds peaked at 99.6% on Sept. 3 after they had been in the 90s pretty much the entire time since the All-Star Break. Boston plays Baltimore, and Tampa Bay meets New York.

For the Tigers, pretty much everything is still up in the air. They could travel to New York. They could host Boston or Tampa.

Thanks to the way the Angels have mailed in the final series, it appears most likely Detroit will open the ALDS in New York at 8:37 p.m. Otherwise they'll host the wild card winner at 5:07 p.m.

Of course, the Rays and Red Sox could still be tied after today, in which case they play a one-game playoff tomorrow at Tampa Bay.

OK, so knowing all that, what do you hope happens?