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Bless You Boys Podcast 20: We hear voices, tiny voices

After taking a very unexpected week off due to Al finding himself in the hospital (where I got to watch the Tigers clinch the Central), the Bless You Boys Podcast returns with a vengeance!

BYB Podcast 20 runs 1:05, featuring managing editor Kurt Mensching, deputy editor Allison Hagen and your host, deputy editor Al Beaton.

Topics discussed included:

  • Where were you when the Tigers clinched?
  • Scoreboard watching is fun!
  • 2006 vs. 2011: Which Tigers team is better?
  • Miguel Cabrera is not going to back into a batting title...unlike a certain Mets shortstop.
  • Post season worries, is there a tiny voice in your head saying things like, "Uh oh, which Scherzer will show up?"
  • Who's on and who's off the 25 man ALDS roster?
  • Does MLB really need another round of playoffs?
  • Listener questions ran the gamut and included Top 5 lists, the Tigers' offense against top-tier pitching, 5 and 7 game playoff matchups, you be the 8th inning manager, X-Factors, Red Sox are desperate for a starter, AL and NL awards predictions, must an MVP come off a playoff team, catching and 3rd base in 2012 (we need our weekly dose of Brandon Inge), reviewing "Moneyball," and we give fashion advice.

Final thoughts: Allison is biding her time till Friday, Kurt says Mike Scioscia was right , and Al is ready for more podcasts!

We LOVE to hear from you.If you would like to have your question on next week's podcast, please email us at BYBPodcast at

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