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Prediction time! Who've you got?

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What a night of baseball we saw last night. While the Cardinals kept it boring, the Braves, Red Sox and Rays played some of the most dramatic baseball you'll see, amplified because of just how much was on the line.

When the dust cleared, we had no Game 163 -- at one point last night it looked like there could bean extra game in both leagues -- but we were left being able to say little more than "Wow" with a ghostly "I can't believe what I just saw!" mixed with "The Giants win the pennant!" echoing from 60 years prior. Hearts were ripped out, fans were left rending cloth, others leapt in joy. Wow. And so much of that happened within a handful of minutes.

So now we've got our playoff teams. So let's reboot with our predictions and try again. For instance, last night my bracket was busted open. My #2 seed sleeper Braves in the NL were ousted by the 15 seed. The #1 overall Red Sox lost to the the team who won the play-in game. So my World Series bracket is empty.

So here are our 2011 MLB Playoff brackets:


Tigers at Yankees

Rays at Rangers



Diamdonbacks at Brewers

Cardinals at Phillies




I'll take the Tigers and Rays in the ALCS, go homer on you and take the Tigers over the Rays. (But I've got to be honest, the Rays frighten the heck out of me. I'd have felt a lot more comfortable had the Red Sox made the playoffs.)

In the NLCS, I'll take the Phillies and Diamondbacks. The Phillies are that #1 seed who survives in March Madness while the other three topple. They're just too good. The Brewers or Diamondbacks almost seems like a toss-up to me. But the D-Backs look like they've got the better pitching -- and they've got Ian Kennedy -- so that's my decider.

Phillies to win the NLCS, Phillie to win the World Series.

So that's mine. Who've you got?