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Regular season confidence poll closes, postseason confidence poll opens!

Confidence Sept 25
Confidence Sept 25

The confidence poll is dead! Long live the confidence poll!

We wrapped up our last confidence poll of the regular season today with voting coming in at slightly more than 89 when I tossed out the outlier trolls who insist on voting 0 for a playoff team. (87.5 if you think that messes with the results too much.)

It appears confidence might have dropped a bit after the Tigers saw home field advantage in the ALDS slip through their fingers and come up a game short. Or maybe there's really no rhyme or reason behind it. I'm more apt to believe that one. I feel like a reporter introducing the stock report on the local news. "The Dow was off by 3% today because a trader farted on Wall Street."

So anyway, since the ALDS is half over by the time we get back to Monday, I decided to open a new poll right away.

You can vote based on how confident you are in the Tigers winning the series, from 0 to 100 like normal.

Feel free to tell us how you voted and why.