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Report: Danny Worth not on playoff roster


Here's an update from Chris Iott of MLive: There are 27 nameplates for the Tigers. Brennan Boesch (DL) is one of them. So our final position player is Omir Santos.

However, two of the three out of Brad Penny, David Pauley and Ryan Perry will make it. My guess is Perry and Pauley in, Brad Penny watching.

Fox Sports' John Keating got into the breaking news business this afternoon when he reported he saw infielder Danny Worth at the airport today. Keating hoped to get to New York, but his flight was delayed. Worth was bound for Lakeland, Fla., to stay ready in case his services are needed.

Worth, obviously, was a heavy favorite among most people to make the Tigers' playoff roster due to his flexibility in the infield.

What no one has said -- not the Tigers, not a reporter -- is who actually made the Tigers' playoff roster.

So the final position player spot could be anyone.

The guess that makes the most sense is Omir Santos. The Tigers may not need a backup catcher in the playoffs, but they might need one. That is, if Alex Avila suffered a minor injury that kept him from his catching duties, and for some reason Victor Martinez was unable to catch, the Tigers would be without a viable catcher. If Avila was removed from the roster due to injury to make room for Santos, Avila could not play in the ALCS should the Tigers make it there. So Santos is a great insurance policy against the worst. (Imagine the backlash if the scenario I detailed did happen. People would wonder why the Tigers didn't do more to prevent it.)

Rhymes would be the other possible choice. He plays second base. I wrote all along not to rule him out. Jim Leyland likes him. He plays second base and is pretty good on the basepaths. While a lot of fans would certainly go "Huh?!" it wouldn't be the biggest surprise in the world either.

The roster is due at 10:45 a.m. tomorrow, so it could be awhile before we find out officially. So in the meantime, what do you see happening?