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Let's all remember to be civil

Just a friendly reminder that we should all strive to remain civil with those who disagree with us, whether or not they are Tigers fans who don't like the same stats we do, or if they're fans who root for other teams. I will point any newcomers toward our commenting code of conduct -- the rules we try to live by around these part, and remind everyone of what I wrote nearly two years ago as the guiding philosophy of the site:

People should feel like Bless You Boys is a fun place to be a Tigers fan of any sort -- from the casual fan who just likes to take in a ball game with friends, to the statistics parsers who enjoy more complicated analysis. New people should be made to feel welcome. Vigorous disagreements are welcome, whether they’re with the authors or with others who comment. But note we put high value on the quality of discussion here -- not how loud you can yell. There’s no reason discussion should be of a personal nature. If you make things personal, you will not be a commenting member here for long.

And our closing comments:

Destructive behavior will not be tolerated. Challenge our baseball views all you want, but causing trouble will not be allowed. We hate to be vague, but we'll know it when we see it.

So I'll just remind everyone who enjoys BYB that we should all put our best foot forward at all times. That starts at the top with your site managers, front-page authors and moderators and runs down through people who like to visit but maybe haven't even posted. (Hey, why haven't you? We're friendly. Say hello.) Remember how you act reflects back not just on yourself, but on the community we all love. So let's all do our best to keep it civil, OK?

Update: We made one addition to our commenting code of conduct: Our readers should treat users from other SBN sites with respect, even if they happen to root for the Yankees. In other words, everything that applies to your behavior towards fellow BYB fans should apply to fans of rival teams; ground rule violations towards fans of other teams will be actively discouraged.