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Sept 8 Off-Day Open Thread

Ian used to do these off-day open threads. They were always a hit. We have a lot to talk about obviously.

We have a baseball team with a commanding first-place lead. (Trivia: The Tigers' division lead today is 9 games. After 143 games in 1984 it was 11.5. The biggest lead in 2006 was 10 games on Aug. 7. )

Maybe we actually have other entertainment outside of baseball. How is Deus Ex Human Revolution? Are you more of a Tropico player? What good books have you read (or listened to) lately? Any movie recommendations? Does Contagion look good to you?

Me, I'll just share a few book thoughts. At the library recently I saw an interesting cover on display in the mysteries section. It was Truth, by Peter Temple. He's Australian, and his mysteries lean toward literature rather than, say, Michael Connelly. I'm really enjoying that. While camping I read a book by Jonathan Maberry, Patient Zero. Maberry apparently spent time writing comic books in the past. The novel was a page-turner thriller featuring zombies. Fun, easy reading while on vacation. Exactly opposite of Temple's book.

So share whatever you want or ask a question of your own. Enjoy!