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Podcast time: If you have questions...we might have answers

The Tigers have the day off, but not the staff of Bless You Boys! We will be recording Bless You Boys Podcast 18 tonight, and, as always, we'd like your questions. We need topics, who better to ask than the BYB community?

After having only one lousy question submitted a couple of weeks ago, you all bounced back with a vengeance last week, sending us a metric ton of queries. So keep it up!

Remember, there are several ways to submit a question to the BYB Podcast.

You can email your question to: BYBPodcast at Please mention your BYB handle in your message, so we know exactly who to blame!

Don't want to mess with Outlook or Gmaill? You can also leave your inquiries in the comments of this post.

Aren't registered to comment? Even though you should be, you can still reach us on that new fangled technology called Twitter! Send your question as an @ reply to our Twitter account, @BlessYouBoys.

Aren't on Twitter? Yes, like everyone else on the planet, we're on Facebook!

We'll do our best to get to as many of your questions as humanly possible. We very much appreciate your participation!