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Bless You Boys Podcast 18: Tigers stepping on throats

Despite some pontificating...and David cooking dinner in the middle of recording....this week's Bless You Boys Podcast was finished in time for Al and Rob to watch the NFL game! It's easy when everyone is in a great mood after one of the best weeks of Tigers baseball in recent memory!

The podcast runs 1:16, and features host Al Beaton, managing editor and burgeoning curmudgeon Kurt Mensching, voice of reason Rob Rogacki,and Chef David Tokarz.

Topics discussed include:

  • As a Tigers fan, can you remember a better week?
  • the Central race really, truly over?
  • Post season expectations, good or bad?
  • ALDS tickets on sale this Monday!
  • Setting up a post season rotation, who's in, who's out?
  • Should Justin Verlander be rested?
  • Brennan Boesch has surgery, will he be missed at some point?
  • The community came through with plenty of discussion topics, including: Possible playoff schedules, AL manager of the year, revisiting the contract extensions of Dave Dombrowski and Jim Leyland, the worth of Delmon Young, Young's future as a Tiger, hating on Brad Penny, ranking the AL and NL playoff contenders, World Series hypotheticals, rushing Rick Porcello and Ryan Perry to the bigs, nervousness when watching Porcello, hitting and turning double plays!

Final thoughts: Bad weather, more prospect stuff, keep the NFL out of my baseball season, say "YES" to football, Al's Lions blog...and baseball too!.

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