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Baseball IQ to test teams' trivia prowess

MLB Network announced today a new game show that should be pretty interesting to follow and give us a little baseball between now and the start of spring training, Baseball IQ.

Each team nominated a trivia expert to compete bracket-style against representatives of the other teams. The opening round features rivalries. So we'll be able to watch as Tigers director of marketing Ron Wade goes head-to-head against White Sox director of baseball operations Dan Fabian.

The date that episode will air has not yet been announced, however the series begins 9 p.m. Jan 24. Two episodes will air each day, Tuesday through Thursday, leading up to the start of spring training.

"Baseball fans are passionate about the sport's statistics and launching Baseball IQ is a way for us to expand our offseason programming lineup to let viewers test their baseball knowledge," said MLB Network President and CEO Tony Petitti. "The premise of Baseball IQ is a natural extension of how fans talk about baseball at home or during a game by putting a current story, player or moment into historical context."

The winner of each episode will receive $5,000 for the organization's charity they represent. The championship episode will award $25,000 for the winner's charity and $15,000 to the runner-up's charity.

Wade's charity is the Detroit Tigers Foundation.

You can find more information about the show, including the rules, here.