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The 2012 BYB Meet-Up: Planning Poll

I'm a little belated this year, but I think we're all starting to know the drill when it comes to planning our meet-ups.

There's two options to pick from, per usual. July 21 and August 4, both Saturdays at 7:05 (click for link to 2012 schedule). Here is why I've picked them.

  • July 4th falls on a Wednesday this year. The Tigers are home that following weekend, but I know lots of people have plans with family. Also, the Mud Hens will be away that weekend, so that's another strike against it.
  • July 21st is a White Sox series. A downside to this weekend is that the Tigers have a day off the following Monday and then go on a road trip. However, they are home that entire week before it, so there's still a chance at more games for out-of-towners (like me). The Mud Hens will also be home the 20th-23rd.
  • Both teams are home the weekend of August 4th, this is an Indians series for the Tigers. There were no other July weekend options, so there you go. I don't have kids but I assume most of you that do, or those of you that are teachers will still be on vacation then.

So, please fill out the poll. I'll close it later this week and then let everyone know what we've decided on and how much it'll cost. If you have anything to say about changes you'd like to see made or fun ideas, please don't hesitate to comment. As I've mentioned above, we'll be doing some sort of trip to Toledo again, as I chose the dates in order to make that possible. I will also say this: The Tigers are much more interested in being involved this year. I'm looking forward to that and you guys should too.