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Scherzer, Young, Kelly sign 1-year contracts

The Tigers avoided any players going to arbitration proceedings for a 10th straight year today, announcing one-year deals with Don Kelly, Max Scherzer and Delmon Young.

On Twitter, Jon Heyman of CBS Sports has reported that Kelly will earn $900,000, or about $100k per position he is capable of playing in the field. Heyman also reported Scherzer will earn $3.75 million and pbs. I'm assuming that means player bonuses or something, though a stake in the future of Downtown Abbey may be worth a bit more.

Figures have not been reported for Delmon Young, though they are sure to make at least one or two BYB commenters to fall to the ground in a fit of hysteria.

Update: Heyman reports Young got $6.75 million.

So plugging all the numbers in with what Cot's Contracts already has down, the Tigers stand at $104.625 million right now.

This does not include the salaries for Austin Jackson, Doug Fister, Brennan Boesch, David Pauley or Daniel Schlereth or whoever else is signed to finish off the 25-man roster. So I guess we can guesstimate with no additional signings Detroit would be paying around $107.5 $108.5 million, up slightly from last year's figures.