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Bless You Boys Podcast 27: Replacing Victor Martinez

We said in the last episode the BYB staff would convene for another podcast if there were news to cover. The Tigers announcing Victor Martinez tore his left ACL and would miss the entire 2012 season is considered NEWS, with a capital NEWS. Thus, we recorded Bless You Boys Podcast 27 (aka The David Tokarz Memorial Podcast) to discuss the fallout.

BYB Podcast 27 has a running time of 57:11, and features Kurt Mensching, Patrick O'Kennedy, David Tokarz and Al Beaton.

Topics discussed:

  • No trolling, please!
  • David has an announcement.
  • How soon can Martinez return?
  • Should the Tigers go for the short-term or long-term fix?
  • WAR and Martinez.
  • Lynn Henning says GO BIG with a trade, Drew Sharp, in a moment of lucidity, says get Vlad Guerrero..
  • In house replacements: Why not Delmon Young or Ryan Raburn?
  • What about Ryan Streiby?
  • Unrealistic free agents, aka the Prince Fielder portion of the podcast.
  • Realistic free agent pickups, aka the pretty much everyone else portion of the podcast.
  • Is a trade possible?
  • Prediction time: What will the Tigers ultimately do in their attempt to replace Victor Martinez's production?
  • Bye bye, Zoom Zoom: Joel Zumaya signs with the Twins.

Brandon Inge mentions: Zero

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