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Prince Fielder to Detroit: Buster Olney speculates on Twitter

As it is the season for rumors and speculation, and as there is really nothing else I could write this week that anyone would want to read any more than this, I give in. Give the people what they want!

ESPN's Buster Olney provided SPECULATION (his all caps) that the Tigers could use some of the insurance money on Victor Martinez to sign Price Fielder to a one-year deal.

A big 1-yr. deal for Prince allows him to hit market next fall, when LAD, NYM might be in better position to bid. Again: SPECULATION

I'll be honest, I don't think there's a snowball's chance in Hades of this actually happening. I doubt Olney believes it will happen, either.

And you can be pretty certain that CBS Sports' Jon Heyman doesn't believe it either. It can't be a coincidence he soon tweeted:

fielder expected to get AT LEAST 7 yr contract, and perhaps 8. #prince

Most of the chatter on Fielder the past few days has centered on Washington or Baltimore. I've outlined several reasons why Fielder is unlikely to play in Detroit. 1) Someone will give him a multi-year deal eventually. 2) Daddy issues. 3) He'd have to DH as Miguel Cabrera will not be moving back to third base.

But it's fun to dream about Fielder, isn't it? I'd love to be wrong.