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Tigers not looking to trade Jacob Turner, Dombrowski tells News

News has been so thin this offseason and you know I'm only good for an infuriating rant once a week, so I'm glad that Lynn Henning of the Detroit news spoke to Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski for a few nice tidbits to mention today.

"We are not looking to trade Jacob Turner," Dombrowski said. "We love the guy. But I have received calls from clubs wondering if we would be interested in certain players because they have interest in our players. And he is a guy they ask about immediately because he is held in such high esteem.

"Do we listen to anybody?" Dombrowski asked, rhetorically. "Yes. But we are not looking to trade Jacob Turner by any means."

Dombrowski shot down most of the rumors as the Tigers being used as bargaining chips, although he did admit to brief discussions over Gio Gonzalez. He also declined discuss Garza either way.

Like I've said in the past and in our comment section, I've never shied away from trading prospects for established major league players, but you've got to treat each prospect as an individual. I think Turner still needs work -- which is why I am in favor of signing a starter on a one- or two-year deal until Turner develops further -- but this kid sure looks like a keeper to me. Unless he's part of a package that gets you an A-Lister, I don't want to see him go.

Dombrowski told Henning his game plan remains the same. That is, he's happy with the options he already has for starting pitcher. In addition to Turner, prospects Drew Smyly and Casey Crosby have the potential to break through during spring training, with Adam Wilk and Duane Below having the ability to hold down the spot in the interim.

The fact is -- as boring as it might be for any 12 months a year Tigers fan or blogger -- Detroit doesn't really have to do much more this offseason. The Tigers are just fine the way they are -- for now. They enter the season as favorites to win the division after coming off a 95-win season. The team may have a true talent level that is closer to the high-80s, and they might have a hole or two I'd like to see fixed, but no team is a finished product in February. You've got months to see what players surprise you -- good or bad -- and to adjust your roster as necessary during the course of the season. And the players who might be available on the trade market in July may be untouchable right now. So my take is, let's just wait and see right now.

So you know what? Keep Turner. Keep Nick Castellanos. Keep the rest of them, too. Unless a deal blows you away, anyway. The Tigers may not look like a World Series team today, but if the roster is unchanged on Aug. 1 I'll eat my sneakers.*

*In case this somehow actually happened, I expect good sneaker recipes from you guys, thanks.