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Tigers prepare for ALCS: Times and opponent remain unknown

Not much is known about the ALCS yet, but we do have the dates of the series.

Leon Halip - Getty Images

The Detroit Tigers advanced to the ALCS with a 3-2 series victory over the Oakland Athletics. Justin Verlander won twice, but going to a fifth game means he won't make his first ALCS appearance until a couple of games into the series.

Detroit will watch as Baltimore and New York meet for an ALDS-deciding Game 5 at 5 p.m. Friday in New York. CC Sabathia and Jason Hammel are on the mound for the Yankees and Orioles. So at least whoever the Tigers face will be in even worse shape.

The Tigers are the second-highest seed remaining in the AL. If the Yankees win, Detroit heads to the Bronx. If the Orioles win, Baltimore opens the ALCS in Detroit. How'd you like to be in charge of the Tigers' travel considerations right now?

The series will be on TBS. However, game times have not yet been announced. It is likely the first game will be primetime on Saturday, as the NLCS does not open until Sunday.

Via, here are the dates for the ALCS:

Game 1: Saturday, Oct. 13 - TBA
Game 2: Sunday, Oct. 14 - TBA

Game 3:Tuesday, Oct. 16 - TBA
Game 4: Wendesday, Oct. 17 - TBA
Game 5*: Thursday, Oct. 18 - TBA

Game 6*: Saturday, Oct. 20 - TBA
Game 7*: Sunday, Oct. 21 - TBA

* if necessary

We'll update this StoryStream as more information becomes apparent.