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Detroit Tigers Links: Tigers facing Yankees in ALCS & Justin Verlander officially dating Kate Upton

Justin Verlander's grandpa confirmed that Justin and Kate Upton are an item, Verlander's Game 5 start was one of the best postseason performances of all-time, and the New York Yankees' rotation is a mess for the upcoming ALCS. These stories and more in a weekend Morning Prowl.

Kelley L Cox-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Report: Verlander's grandfather confirms Tigers ace is dating 'Sports Illustrated girl"
The Detroit News
If grandpa is impressed, you're doing something right.

How the Detroit Tigers’ Starting Pitchers Line Up for the ALCS
Motor City Bengals, Matt Snyder
Honestly, I like how this rotation lines up for the Tigers. I'm still not 100% sold that Scherzer is healthy enough for two starts in a series.

Justin Verlander best player in ALDS for Detroit Tigers; Omar Infante also had excellent series
MLive, Chris Iott
I agree with Iott's top players, but I would regrettably have to swap Miguel Cabrera in for Joaquin Benoit on the "forgettable performances" list.

Verlander’s Best Ever
FanGraphs Baseball, Eno Sarris
I still don't know if I would put Verlander's outing ahead of Jack Morris' performance in Game 7 of the 1991 World Series, but he is definitely among some elite company.

Notes and quotes on Verlander’s Game 5 shutout
Beck's Blog, Jason Beck

"A’s manager Bob Melvin: 'But when Verlander gets on a roll like he was today, especially once he gets into his rhythm, you get into the middle innings and he’s rolling along pretty good, it’s tough to stop him. It’s like a locomotive going at a high speed. He was tough to deal with.'"

A worthy foe defeated
Roar of the Tigers, Samara Pearlstein
This. Is. Awesome.

Visualization: Miguel Cabrera and his 44 Triple Crown-winning home runs
The Hardball Times, Dan Lependorf
A graph with the flight paths of Miguel Cabrera's 44 home runs this year? Yes, please. Poor Hiroki Kuroda.

Elsewhere in Baseball:

It was still a great season
Athletics Nation
Our friends at Athletics Nation were very gracious in defeat. They turned the comment section of this post into a memoir for what was indeed a very special 2012 for their franchise and fanbase.

You think managing the New York Yankees is easy?
Baseball Nation, Rob Neyer
If Joe Girardi wants to bench Alex Rodriguez and Nick Swisher at any point during the upcoming series, I won't do anything to stop him.

CC Sabathia unlikely to make next start until ALCS Game 4
HardballTalk, Matthew Pouliot
Since he started on Wednesday, I don't think that we will see Hiroki Kuroda in Game 2. Odds are that the Tigers will face David Phelps or Ivan Nova on Sunday, with Phelps being the more likely of the two.

Reflecting on Mike Trout's historic rookie season with the Los Angeles Angels
ESPN Los Angeles, Ramona Shelburne

"In early May, the Angels clocked Trout at 3.53 seconds running out a bunt to first base, which translates to an average of 17.38 miles an hour. That's obscenely fast for a baseball player. "