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Bless You Boys Podcast 61: SWEEP!

Bless You Boys Podcast 61 is full of confessions. Allison confesses a crime against her remote control, Al confessed he was still nervous after the Tigers had a 6 run lead in ALCS game 4 and Kurt...well, he confesses nothing.

Leon Halip

This week's Bless You Boys Podcast was recorded a couple of hours after the Detroit Tigers swept the New York Yankees. So as you might guess, this week's episode is 95% ALCS. We intentionally held off on much talk about the upcoming World Series as we plan on recording a preview before game 1.

BYB Podcast 61 has a running time of 1:07 and features Kurt Mensching, Allison Hagen and Al Beaton.


  • ALCS SWEEP! The only person not surprised was Allison. Why? She predicted it.
  • Will we hear more about the Tigers winning or the Yankees losing?
  • Was the 9th inning of game 1 bungled? Did you think the game, and possibly the series, was over?
  • How well did Jim Leyland handle the game 1 blow-back?
  • The Jose Valverde "situation."
  • We couldn't be happier for disgruntled former Yankee employee Phil Coke!
  • Can a bullpen by committee continue to work?
  • Don't be fooled by ALCS MVP Delmon Young.
  • Will the Tigers risk playing Young in the outfield during the World Series or will the Tigers stay with what has been a very effective platoon?
  • Speaking of bungling, could the game 4 rain out been handled any worse?
  • Justin Verlander is good.
  • So are the other 3 starters in the rotation.
  • Did the numerous controversies swirling around the Yankees affect their ALCS performance?
  • Did Yankees manager Joe Girardi deserve the amount of heat he received from the NYC media?
  • Mike Ilitch has been both reprehensible (pre-2003) and great (post-2003) as the Tigers' owner.
  • What percentage of saves should a closer be expected to convert?
  • Any chance Papa Grande is not on the 25 man World Series roster?
  • Final thoughts includes talk of smashed cable box remotes.

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