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NLCS Game 5 Open Thread: San Francisco Giants at St. Louis Cardinals

Can the Giants send the series back to San Francisco, or will the Cardinals give us a 2006 World Series rematch? Join us and talk about it.

Sad Panda
Sad Panda
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco Giants at St. Louis Cardinals

Series: 3-1, St. Louis

Time/Place: 8:00 p.m., Busch Stadium

SB Nation Blogs: McCovey Chronicles and Viva El Birdos

Media: FOX

Pitching Matchup: LHP Barry Zito (15-8, 4.15 ERA) vs. RHP Lance Lynn (18-7, 3.78 ERA)

An interesting and somewhat optimistic take at McCovey Chronicles:

There are other teams who have come back from 3-1. I'm not going to look, but I'm going to assume they all pitched the snot out of the ball. So, any time, Giants.

And, tongue in cheek or not, good lord do I want to beat this team. From Viva El Birdos:

I'd apologize for being crude or unseemly about this but if there's one thing I've learned, it's that winners never apologize. I hope your team loses in a heart wrenching manner. More importantly, I hope I'm nearby enough to gloat about it. As one of the BEST FANS IN BASEBALL, I can do no less. After all, my team is better than your team.