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Miguel Cabrera finishes 2-for-3 Tuesday night

In his quest for the Triple Crown, Miguel Cabrera singled in each of his first two at-bats Tuesday in Kansas City. The second single drove in a pair of runs. Cabrera finished his night 2-for-3, leaving in the fifth inning.

Cabrera's up-to-the-minute average: .331. He leads Los Angeles outfielder Mike Trout, who is hitting .326.

Cabrera leads Texas outfielder Josh Hamilton by one home run and 12 RBI.

Trout and Hamilton do not play until later in the night.

Hamilton will face Oakland and starting pitcher Travis Blackley (5-4, 4.00)

Trout is in Seattle to face Hisashi Iwakuma (8-5, 3.32).


11:15 p.m. update:

Hamilton has an RBI double, but no HR.

Trout is 1-for-2 with a .325 average.